Tuesday February 20 , 2018

CD 3 "Jesus Loves Me Fast Asleep" - 9 Christian Nursery Songs

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(All CDs come with suggested bedtime routine)

While you are calming your child with our Christian version you are making evident the love and peace that comes from Jesus. This is recording is also very popular with adults who have trouble sleeping. Plays 32 minutes

Into My Heart, sung by Lenny LeBlanc, Jesus Loves Me, sung by Cindy Richardson, Jesus Loves the Little Children, sung by Lenny LeBlanc, Do Lord sung by Mary Gresham and Lenny Leblanc ,Tell Me Why sung by Marie Thomlinson Lewey and Darryl Holden, Kum Ba Yah sung by Ruby Tiegs and Lenny LeBlanc, Oh, How I Love Jesus, sung by Lenny LeBlanc, This Little Light of Mine sung by Paige Woodford Gothard and Lenny LeBlanc, & Down in My Heart sung by Marie Thomlinson Lewey.

All CDs come with a suggested bedtime routine and can be uploaded to iTunes on your desktop or laptop and downloaded to your smart phone, tablet or Mp3 player.


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