Tuesday February 20 , 2018

Gift of Peace Download Card

Getting Your Baby To Sleep Made Easy

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Mom can download to her computer the same 18 Heartbeat Lullabies that’s on the “Stops Crying” Combo CD plus the audiobook CD “Getting Your Baby to Sleep, Made Easy” when she enters the access code on the back of her plastic download gift card. Then she can add it to her smart phone, tablet, Mp3 player or make her own CD.

Same size as credit card

$20.00 (Free Shipping)

Downloads Available

Get a FREE download of the audio book “Getting Your Baby to Sleep- Made Easy” when you purchase any down load version of the Heartbeat Lullabies recordings.

Download 1 - "Stops Crying" - $9.95

Download 2 - "Stops Crying" - $9.95

Download 3 - "Jesus Loves Me Fast Asleep" - $9.95

Download Combo "Stops Crying" - $19.90

Download All Our CDs - $29.85