A few of the over 35,000 positive written comments from satisfied parents

• "This is one of the most important baby products—it's a necessity for new parents!" —DT San Antonio, TX

• "We just love this tape. Both my children love to go to sleep." —MD Harrisburg, PA.

• "My husband also uses the tape to go to sleep. He works third shift and and sometimes has trouble sleeping during the day." —SS Peoria, IL

• "Great way to fall asleep!" —FG Monroeville, PA

• "My daughter would not go to sleep for anything. You don't know how helpful this was. No more 3 a.m. bed times." —DP San Antonio, TX

"After we started using this tape our daughter would sleep from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., and she's only two months old! It's a great tape!"—MP Denver, CO

• "We are truly amazed! We have had the best nights we've ever had since he was born, with the use of your tape. Thank you!" —DR Colorado Springs, CO

• "Es una bonita musica para camar a los ninos y a ellos les gusto." —VM Greeley, CO

• "It put to sleep our whole family!" —MS Randolph, NJ.

• "We love it. Great gift idea for all parents." —MP Williamsville, NY.

• "Our baby went from waking up 4 to 5 times a night to just once a night almost instantly." —KM Salem, AR.

• "This tape is wonderful! My daughter has colic and it's very hard to get her to fall asleep (usually). The minute I turn on the tape, she falls asleep. Thanks so much." —HW Chattanooga, TN.

• "Excellent tape to calm our pre-schooler to sleep." —DD Sterling, VA.

• "I turn on the tape to calm down when I get an attack of post-partum blues." —MC Altus, OK.

These songs are great for helping to calm a fussy baby. I used both volumes with my newborns (even before they were born to get them familiar with the songs). In combination with other methods (bathing, rocking, massaging, removing stimuli, etc.), it is just another way to help soothe your baby. I found the songs soothing for me as well. They are very monotone, slow, and rhythmic. The heartbeat sound carries through all the songs and even plays through the song transitions. If nothing else, it is a good "sleepy-time" routine for your baby to cue in that it is time to sleep. I LOVE to give this set for baby shower gifts! - Gina L

This is a FANTASTIC cd! I've purchased 3 already. 20 years ago I had this in a cassette version and swore by it. Truly calms infant and even relaxes parent. Great bonding tool and works wonders on colic babies. --Davi

My favorite go to for all baby showers. Love it! -Michelle M

I was given this CD (in cassette form) when my son was born. In those post-birth days when a new mom is exhausted and sleep patterns are all out of whack, this music helped both my son AND me to get to sleep. It is also very useful when the kids are older but sick, and a good night's sleep can do wonders to help them recover. It works on me too when I can't get to sleep. Try it! - Feen

I am 22 and pregnant with my first child. :) my mother got this CD so many years ago as a gift for my sister, and it honestly works! I think I loved it more haha. It's very calming, relaxing. Babies love it and so will you. - Elisibeth

This is not just good for babies - I just bought this for my 12 yr old with special needs that has had troubles on and off through the years sleeping! She’s been doing well, but I just stumbled across this right before the July 4th fireworks, which was 10x worse this year as neighbors in all directions, including one street behind our house, we’re letting off professional grade fireworks. Someone she finally managed to fall asleep! And for a girl who goes on long spurts of letting me play music, or not, to hear her wake up in the middle of the night and ask for “London Bridge” (the first song on the cd) that was pretty cool! I can honestly say this is one of the best garage sale finds ever, and for a dime! I had been looking for heartbeat music like this when she was a baby. So glad I finally found it! Heartbeats are so comforting to babies, so I knew this was exactly what my girl needed. - new mommy

Since 1985, millions of parents have successfully used Heartbeat Lullabies along with our nurturing bedtime routine to stop crying, prevent colic, and train their child to sleep all night in their own bed.

Listen free to a Traditional Heartbeat Lullaby

Studies have shown that playing Heartbeat Lullabies will comfort a baby in intensive care, during painful and/or frightening procedures and in difficult circumstances.

Listen free to a Christian Heartbeat Lullaby


Why Your Baby Cries

According to a National Sleep Foundation Poll, about half of new parents are getting less than 6.9 hours sleep per night and are being awakened six to seven nights per week by their crying infant. Since the late 1940’s parents have been encouraged to let their baby cry to sleep. Recent research doesn’t agree with this unnatural response to your baby’s cry to be comforted ,,, Read More.

24 Reasons Your Baby Cries

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A recent testimonial from NR: Colorado Springs

I have been a long time user of your lullaby music. I used it so much with my first two ( born in 2006 and 2007) that I actually wore a hole in the CD. And now I use it with our newest little one.  I am a preschool teacher ( 10 yrs) and I use it during nap time. I have had several parents tell me good luck getting them to nap. Your music works like a charm.


According to a National Sleep Foundation poll almost half of parents/caregivers get less than seven hours sleep and are awakened by their crying baby twice per night, 6 to 7 nights per week. Constant crying is the primary trigger for infant abuse and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Any parent with a constant crying child is at risk to commit some degree of physical and/or emotional abuse. To many sleep deprived, angry, frustrated care givers are pushed over the emotional edge and make irrational, harmful choices to stop the crying. Heartbeat Lullabies is a therapeutic music tool proven to stop and prevent crying. When parents follow my nurturing bedtime routine they learn to train their baby to go to sleep and sleep all night without having to deal with the constant crying.

Over one and a half million copies of my Heartbeat Lullabies have been purchased and distributed free to at risk parents by hospitals, health departments, Prevent Child Abuse America sites, military New Parent Support Programs, Early Head Start programs, benefit companies and others. We have received over 30,000 written affirming testimonies from parents, nurses, social, workers and doctors about the efficacy of the music to calm their babies.

More than a half a million dollars in grants have been awarded by foundations to fund independent studies to test the efficacy of the Heartbeat Lullabies to calm infants and children. As a result, The Heartbeat Lullabies have been documented to quickly calm a crying baby. They help calm and keep infants and children calm during painful and/or frightening procedures and when they are on life support. I am always excited and appreciative when medical professionals choose my therapeutic music to use in a study.

The Heartbeat Lullabies have been played in over 8,400 hospitals and special care centers to calm infants, children and adults. Organizations helping children with special needs can receive free copies to use in their facilities by contacting me, Terry Woodford at 


Independent Studies

Indiana University School of Nursing, Indianapolis, IN

Researchers at Indiana University School of Nursing* completed a randomized, researcher-blind, placebo pilot study to evaluate interventions for neonatal pain. New-borns were played the Heartbeat Lullabies CD during and after circumcision. Researchers found that pain intensity ratings were less for the "music babies" than for the babies hearing no music. Heart rate remained stable across the procedure for babies receiving the music intervention, while heart rate increased precipitously (25 beats per minute) for babies who did not hear the music. Babies in the music group maintained higher oxygen saturation rates at all points in the procedure, except for the point of cut or stick.

Joyce B.A., Gerkensmeyer J. & Keck J. F., (835) Evaluations for Neonatal Procedural Pain.
American Pain Society, 18th Annual Meeting 1999 Abstract: 157
* Original Source: "Evaluation of Pain Management Interventions for Neo-Natal Circumcision Pain"
Journal of Pediatric Healthcare, May-June, 2001, pg. 105-113.

Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron

As published in the Akron Beacon Journal
A study was completed at Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron on babies born at 25 to 30 week gestation or those weighing from one pound two ounces up to two pounds 12 ounces. Those who were played the Heartbeat Lullabies MP3 four hours per day were released from the neonatal intensive care unit an average 12 days sooner than babies who didn't hear the music.

Follow up Study

Three Ohio hospitals participated in a follow up study on 300 extremely premature babies. They increased the playing time of the Heartbeat Lullabies MP3 to 8 hours per day. Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and MetroHealth in Cleveland, and Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron. Submitted for publication.

Helen Keller Hospital, Sheffield, AL 1985

New-born Nursery

Nurses observed the behavior of 59 crying babies for six weeks. When the Heartbeat Lullabies recording was played, 94% of crying babies stopped crying or went to sleep within 2 minutes.

Memorial Hospital for Children Colorado Springs, CO.

Child Life Department

Jeri L. Young, M.Ed., CCLS
Certified Child Life Specialist

The Heartbeat Lullabies MP3 is being played to calm children new-born to 3 years before and after surgery.

November 2010 Poster Presentation at Mozart and Science in Austria

Result shows a decrease in agitation/anxiety in children in emergency room

J Grace Park, DO, MPH
Assistant Professor
Emergency Medicine Department
University of New Mexico